Sending money

A simple tutorial on how to set up and interact with Mel wallets.
This is a basic guide to melwallet-cli, Mel's reference implementation CLI wallet. We will be funding two testnet wallets and sending money from one to the other.

Setup and installation

Make sure you have the wallet dependencies installed. If not, follow this short guide before getting started.

Start melwallet-cli

Use this command to start the headless wallet daemon and connect to the testnet network:
$ melwallet-cli start-daemon --network testnet
This command will save any wallets you create to ~/.melwalletd, but feel free to provide any directory you want via the --wallet-dir flag.

Create wallets for Alice and Bob

In a terminal, create two wallets with melwallet-cli:
$ melwallet-cli create -w alice
$ melwallet-cli create -w bob
Keep Bob's wallet address handy for the next step!
You will be prompted for passwords, which will be used to encrypt the wallets' private keys at ~/.Mel-wallets/.secrets.json, so make sure you pick something strong!
You can then list the wallets you created, like so:
$ melwallet-cli list

Fund Alice's wallet

We can use faucet transactions to fund these new testnet wallets. This lets us print MEL out of thin air (only on the testnet) for easy testing!
$ melwallet-cli send-faucet -w alice --currency MEL --amount 10000
Transaction hash: 9974a514351a0696b6d7e3851da957ff508e44857b4967e3d46b8d16685b9769
(wait for confirmation with melwallet-cli wait-confirmation -w alice 9974a514351a0696b6d7e3851da957ff508e44857b4967e3d46b8d16685b9769)

Send some money to Bob

Now, we can transfer some MEL from Alice to Bob!
First we unlock Alice's wallet with her password:
$ melwallet-cli unlock -w alice
Then, we send over some MEL to Bob's wallet address:
$ melwallet-cli send -w alice --to <BOB_ADDRESS>,500.0
Congrats, you've just sent MEL from Alice to bob!

Further reading

Sending a transaction is just one of the many things you can do with melwallet-cli. For more information, check it out on GitHub.