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Melmint arbitrage

A guide on how to use melminter to (hopefully) profit via arbitrage.

What is arbitrage?

The high-level definition of arbitrage is:
The buying and selling of some asset (e.g. currency, securities, commodities, etc) in different markets to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset
In our case, we have multiple "markets", or liquidity pools that contain asset pairs, such as MEL/SYM or MEL/ERG, and SYM/ERG. The Melmint mechanism maintains the MEL/SYM pair, but does not interact with the other asset pairs.
In order to maintain the other pairs, we'll need YOU to make some
through arbitrage.

Using melwallet CLI to arbitrage


Make sure you have the following set up:
  • A funded wallet. Here is a guide on how to set that up on the testnet, if needed.

Time for some arbitrage

$ melwallet-cli autoswap <value> -w <wallet>
Here, <value> should be the particular amount of a token that you want to swap.
This command will automatically execute trades on the "triangular" MEL/SYM/other pairs.